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The "Own Real Estate In Mexico With Confidence"
is intended for people who are interested in exploring alternative living in Mexico.

If you are looking for a retirement home, second home for vacation or simply investment, this book will inform you of all the rules and regulation of the real estate market in Mexico so you will be better informed to protect your most valuable investment.

Bellow are the 10 chapters you will find in this book.

Due to high demand of the early release of this Book, it will be in an e-Book format and if you purchase the book now you will receive the hard copy later at no additional cost.

Chapter 1.......The Mexican Real Estate Market-Then and Now
This chapter will cover investments in Mexico’s before and after NAFTA, and who are the players now in Mexico.

Chapter 2.......The Basics of Mexican Real Estate Ownership
This chapter will cover the process of owner ships and proper channels to buy real estate safely.  Before you make your purchase, you need to consider what type of property you’d like to buy, what type of financing best suits your situation, and other specific needs you may have. Whether you’re investing, looking for a second or retirement home, or simply looking for a safe place for your assets, many laws and regulations can affect what you are doing.

Chapter 3.......Where Does the Rest of My Portfolio Fit In?
It’s your property. You’re that free to do whatever you’d like with it. This is why you need to consider how it fits into the rest of your portfolio, which we’ll do in this chapter.

Chapter 4.......To Rent or Not to Rent: That is the Investment Question
Rentals are an important part of the Mexican real estate market, especially in resort towns and major tourism centers. I will cover renting your Mexican property, what kind of return you can expect, and how you can expect it.

Chapter 5.......Taxes 101
This chapter will cover an important part of all Mexican real estate investment affected on both side of the border: taxes. This is an important area you should be prepared to deal with, as it could be a difference between financial success and failure in the Mexican real estate market. Covered will be the basics like income tax in both the United States and Mexico, how to compute these numbers accurately and how to make the tax systems on both countries work in your favor. Also covered will be capital gains taxes, a critical area of both purchase and sale. We’ll then cover important investments to your property, and why they’re so important around tax time. Finally, we’ll conclude with other taxes you should know about that you’re likely going to be involved with.

Chapter 6.......Who’s Helping your Financial Future: Where to Go
This chapter covers your tax dollars at work. Many agencies and agreements on both sides of the border are looking out for you and your investment success. You’ve paid in all your life in the US. Be prepared to be amazed at how two governments simultaneously work on your behalf, be prepared to be amazed.  

Chapter 7.......Helpful Information About Mexico
chapter briefly covers topics about life in Mexico. While your particular real estate market will be in an area much like America, it’s always best to be prepared to interact more effectively with the locals. The residents of Mexico look forward to meeting you, and the next section of this book will provide some helpful tips on living, working, and doing business in Mexico..

Chapter 8.......Getting Prepared for Financial Success
This chapter will guide you through the basic essentials of crossing the border, and making the next step to your better, more secure and successful financial future. These steps can be just as critical to entering the Mexican real estate market itself, considering what trouble the lack of this knowledge would bring

Chapter 9.......A New Financial (Possibly Early Retired!) You
Whether you’ve committed to providing for your financial success through a second home’s skyrocketing equity or a rental property in Mexico, this section of this book will show you what all the noise is about.

Chapter 10......Important Information About Your Investment
This chapter will be quotes of different article and publications that pertains to Mexico, and what people are saying about investment in Mexican real estate.